As owner, creative director, and Panamanian strongman of Ingersoll et al Communications, and Associate Creative Director at Mason Marketing, I've written everything from ads to Web sites for B-to-B and B-to-C in industries spanning food & beverage to pharmaceutical, high tech to financial. I like to say that I can write virtually anything, virtually!

For names, taglines, slogans, brand strategy, positioning, identity and other aspects of branding, I provide a variety of services to direct clients and national / international branding agencies. My focus is on resonant, congruent differentiation to help you stand out from the crowd and convey why your brand is different and better. 



Chuck     Ingersoll

   Naming & Taglines                            CHUCK INGERSOLL  VOICEover DEMO

Click the "play" button below  to hear a good example of my natural, friendly, sincere male voice talent style, in this Chamber of Commerce video.  

              COPYWRITING                                        BIO & RADIO

As a voice talent and voice actor based near Rochester NY, I provide voice overs for clients from Indianapolis to Indonesia. For commercials, online training, documentaries, narrations, station imaging and much more. Complete audio production services and access to other great male, female and kids' voices. 





How can I help you?



Creative services focused on results, impact, and memorability.

With over 20 years of branding, advertising writing, creative direction, and voice talent / audio production experience, I can develop the name and tagline for your company, product, or service; then write the Web site and ads to create awareness and sales; then voice and produce the radio commercials or online videos that differentiate your brand from the competition. How There are multiple ways I can help you stand out, improve your bottom line, and differentiate yourself from the competition.  


Branding, naming, taglines & Slogans, voice talent, Audio production. I'm here to help you do more.